adult’s heel pain

Why Heeler Adult?

Heel spurs (plantar fasciitis) and heel pain are very common and affect all ages. The conditions are lengthy and cumbersome but harmless. The pain comes when putting pressure onto the heel, and it can be so intense that you may have difficulty stepping down. It usually hurts in the morning or after physical activity. The cause is an overload in the area where the plantar tissue attaches to the heel bone.

Symptoms may be caused by high physical loads, hard surfaces or substandard shoes. The pain is caused by tension and pressure on the inflamed area of the heel. The condition can be very lengthy at , and the pain can last for many years because you have to be persistent. It is important to treat to prevent future knee problems.

The best option

We have chosen a material that provides the right amount of cushioning to achieve the effect without losing stability. We have designed the stability so that it will counteract uneven pressure on the heel. We have also taking into account all the implications, such as color, shape and stability.

Heeler  is manufactured in Sweden in collaboration with Dr. Lennart Sandberg, specialist in orthopedics and director of the Children’s Orthopaedic Centre. The product meets all environmental requirements. The plastic softens further with body heat to provide a pleasant damping.

Treatment with heeler

The quickest and easiest way to relieve symptoms is to consistently use the cushioning Heeler. Since Heeler  fits most shoes such as Ballerina, dress shoes, sneakers and more, you can easily move them.

Avoid walking barefoot. An additional tip for effective treatment is to add Heeler between double socks when staying indoors. Do not forget that Heeler  can be used for both treatment and prevention.