Behind Heeler stands Child Orthopaedic Centre. We offer orthopedic specialist focusing pediatric orthopedics. We have long experience to judge and treat children with orthopedic issues. Thanks to our agreement with Stockholm County Council, the same rules apply with us as in the rest of the county. The agreement also allows us to look at adult patients.

At Child Orthopaedic Centre all the staff has a solid and long orthopedic experience. We are all specialists in orthopedics. Child Orthopaedic Centre is an orthopedic reception within the healthcare choice orthopedics, which means we have the right to assess and treat patients of all ages although we mainly turn against children and adolescents.

Contact BOC

Barnortopediskt Centrum
Dalagatan 10
111 23 Stockholm

Phone: 08-208 308
Fax: 08-208 307

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