Why is Heeler the best option?

The unique design makes it easy to wear shoes with Heeler in. Once in place they always stay on, does not tip, and holds the heel’s natural fat pad together.

Furthermore Heeler is made of recyclable TPE plastics that is kind to the skin and softens further in contact with the body heat.

How should Heeler be placed?

Placed in the rear of the shoe and can easily be moved from shoe to shoe and must be used all the time as long as the pain persists.

Where is heeler made?

The plastic to the Heeler and all production takes place in Sweden in order to avoid unnecessary transport and to make sure that control production and production relations is of the highest quality.

Can I wash my heelers?

Heeler must be hand washed gently with lukewarm water up to 30 ° and air dry.

Size Guide

Heeler available in different sizes. If choosing between two sizes we recommend to pick the larger one.

Heeler :
Small – 35
Medium 36-40
Large 41 –